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Re: Install sarga debian - hdd partition

On (11/10/04 14:27), kajko04@gazeta.pl wrote:
> Hi. 
> Finally I run from BootX - Thanks for help.
> I have a debian sarga net installation CD. 
> Now I need partition the hardrive.
> I have :
> 1. 32.3 kb       apple
> 2. 32.8 kb       macintosh
> 3. 32.8 kb       macintosh
> 4. 32.8 kb       macintosh
> 5. 262.1 kb      Path Partit
> 6. 8.2GB         hfs+ MacOS
>      5.1kb free
> How I need format my hdd that after instalation I can run Linux?
> Do I need leave hfs+ partition to boot?
> On whith partion have to be a boot partion?
> If I need left hfs+ partion is any software with allow me to resize it without 
> reformating and reinstall Mac OS?
Hi Mariusz

It depends whether you want to use the MacOS other than to boot into
Debian.  If you don't then c.300mb should be ample for OS9.0 if you
leave out all the non essential stuff. You'll need a browser to download
bootx again or save it somewhere to copy back onto your new Mac install.

There are probably mac partitioning tools out there which will allow you
to resize an existing partition but I've never used one.  On a recent
installation on a beige G3 I booted from the OS9 CD, used the disk
utility to create a 300mb partition on which to install OS9.0 and left
the rest as free space to be partioned during the sarge install.



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