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Install sarga debian - hdd partition

Finally I run from BootX - Thanks for help.
I have a debian sarga net installation CD. 
Now I need partition the hardrive.

I have :
1. 32.3 kb       apple
2. 32.8 kb       macintosh
3. 32.8 kb       macintosh
4. 32.8 kb       macintosh
5. 262.1 kb      Path Partit
6. 8.2GB         hfs+ MacOS
     5.1kb free
How I need format my hdd that after instalation I can run Linux?
Do I need leave hfs+ partition to boot?
On whith partion have to be a boot partion?
If I need left hfs+ partion is any software with allow me to resize it without 
reformating and reinstall Mac OS?

Thanks for Help
Best Regards

Mariusz Antonik

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