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Re: iMac with 2.6 - realaudio

yes: I installed hotplug and everything's working...

quite nice, since now I finally have sound.  but the mixer is
a pain, the minimum level is far too high if my neighbours
baby is sleeping (in the sense, finally not crying).  on the
other hand, if this ppc makes enough noise, I don't hear the
baby crying...

well, the next step is now to listen to the italian Radio (I
live in the Netherlands).  I installed hxplay and tried to
open the stream, but hxplay tells me that I should try the
realplayer...  so I installed the realplayer, but it crashes
telling me:

/usr/local/RealPlayer/realplay.bin: relocation error: /usr/local/RealPlayer/plugins/swfrender.so: undefined symbol: _Z27FlashRendererCreateInstancePP8IUnknown

I admit, this time I did not even google the problem.

but most of the times I hit i386 stuff instead of ppc...

thanks for all the help.


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