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Re: iMac with 2.6 does not see keyboard

On Thu, 07 Oct 2004 21:08:26 +0200, Mario Frasca wrote:

> so I managed to install the new 2.6.8 kernel and boot it.  I
> understand that this is more modular, or maybe I should say
> module oriented, so I have to load explicitly ethernet (or put
> it into /etc/modules).
> my problem is that it looks like also usb has to be loaded as
> a module, isn't it so?  and I've got only one computer at
> home, so I can't start this one, log in from the other (as I
> said, I haven't got the other one!) and try which module to
> load.  
> you figure the situation: I boot it, I see that the mouse does
> not react at all, the keyboard is totally dead, I panic quite
> a lot more than the kernel, manage to wait five minutes hoping
> that most disc activity has come to a pause, then I push the
> switch and swear I won't start this again before being 100%
> sure this is not going to happen again.
> any hints?  but please, with something like 95% accuracy...
> the machine is a iMac (early 2001), NewWorld, 750CX, 500MHz
> revision : 34.21 (pvr 0008 2215)
> thanks,
> Mario.

You are right.  Support for USB keyboards is modular, so you must make
sure the correct modules get loaded at boot time, either by adding it
manually to /etc/modules or /etc/mkinitrd/modules, or by installing a
hardware detection package such as 'discover' or 'hotplug'.

Perhaps the easiest thing to do (which worked for me) is to boot up using
your old kernel, 'apt-install hotplug' and reboot.  Select your new
kernel and it should now load the USB modules as required.


CC me by all means but a follow-up will usually do.

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