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Re: kernel preemption and segfault

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

On Fri, 2004-10-08 at 17:36, Vincent Bernat wrote:

OoO Vers la fin de l'après-midi du jeudi 07  octobre 2004, vers 16:53,
Mathieu Virbel <tito@bankiz.org> disait:

With kernel preemption, all work perfectly.
Without kernel preemption, they are many bugs:
- under medium/high load, gcc crash randomly
- mozilla have trouble to render (each refresh show a new page)
- xmms segfault under medium/high load (sound crackle and segfault)
- mplayer too

I think you switched with and without.

And on time, X freeze.

Kernel preemption isn't usuable under linuxppc ?

The situation is going better but it is still not usable.

Can you try isolating a given activity or driver that cause the
stability problem ? It should work, really...

For example, try running without the cpufreq driver ... or without the
sound driver, etc...


Problem exist without cpufreq.
I'm try without running X, only in console: nothing append.

I use XFree 4.3 from debian testing, and with radeon driver, without dri (for
make pmdisk work)

Test in progress...


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