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Re: Sound on powermac G5, anybody ?

Ok i have the same problem with the
But i see something in the lspci log :

0001:01:07.0 ff00: Apple Computer Inc. K2 KeyLargo Mac/IO (rev 20)
0001:03:0d.0 ff00: Apple Computer Inc. K2 ATA/100
0001:05:0c.0 IDE interface: ServerWorks: Unknown device 0240
0001:05:0c.1 IDE interface: ServerWorks: Unknown device 0240

ok ff00 is visibly unknown to the kernel (i built the pack of id so it
would know it if someone in the community know it) But we can see K2 on
these lines... So i think it is the SATA/ATA controller with 2 address
(one by bus)
But the to others are interesting... It seems the knowledge base says
nothing good... effectively if i'm rigth for the SATA/ATA buses. It may
be wrong on the 05:0c.0 and 05:0c.1 because there is only 2 IDE/ATA/SATA
buses, not 4. If you think about that it could be the sound system,
because there is the optical/digital output and the analogic output...
It seems to be good there... But in fact i doubt that if we could force
loading of the snd-powermac on these devices that the sound work... I'll
try and say it to you. But i think we need a new driver...

See you

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