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Re: Sound on powermac G5, anybody ?

On Fri, 2004-10-01 at 19:10, Roland Laurès wrote:

> ok ff00 is visibly unknown to the kernel (i built the pack of id so it
> would know it if someone in the community know it) But we can see K2 on
> these lines... So i think it is the SATA/ATA controller with 2 address
> (one by bus)
> But the to others are interesting... It seems the knowledge base says
> nothing good... effectively if i'm rigth for the SATA/ATA buses. It may
> be wrong on the 05:0c.0 and 05:0c.1 because there is only 2 IDE/ATA/SATA
> buses, not 4. If you think about that it could be the sound system,
> because there is the optical/digital output and the analogic output...
> It seems to be good there... But in fact i doubt that if we could force
> loading of the snd-powermac on these devices that the sound work... I'll
> try and say it to you. But i think we need a new driver...

There are 2 SATA controllers, so 4 ports, inside of K2 but apple only
wired 2 of them in the current G5s (I think the Xserve use all of them
or at least 3).

The sound bus isn't visible on PCI, it's inside K2/KeyLargo (along with
some other things) which provides i2s & i2c busses. Like all older macs.

There are some subtle differences though since the G5 has 2 sounds chip
on those busse (an analog an a digital, one of them just beeing a tas
3004). All of the details can be found in the darwin drivers, they are
open source.


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