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Re: Powerbook G4 1.33 GHz CPU temperature

> > Compile it as a module and you can load the module  with the the params fan_speed
> > and limit_adjust e.g in /etc/modules ;-) The solution to adjust the
> > gpu temp linear to the cpu temp isn't a good one yet. We have to
> > control them separate. Maybe Ben is reading this an can tell some
> > details?
> All I can suggest is to look at what Darwin does ... A friend of mine just got a
> 1.5Ghz and is having frequent lockups on load, it could be temperature related.

I can confirm frequent lockups on GPU load (CPU load doesn't matter,
that's handled fine by the thermostat). In case it matters: the OF device
tree seems to indicate that the two fans aren't CPU and GPU but rather
left and right side of the rear exhaust grille. So they need to be set to
the same speed, I guess. At least on the Albooks.

Does your friend also experience flicker in the console, Ben? Nothing I
tried with radeonfb helped ...


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