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modifying/modified powerpc boot-floppies (was Re: Testing newoldworld pmac miboot 2.6 floppies


On Saturday 18 September 2004 10:03, Jens Schmalzing wrote:
> The resource is called CMDL.  More detailed instructions are here:
> <URL:http://portal.suse.com/sdb/en/2000/06/olh_ppc_miboot.html>

ok, this is cool for everybody who as macos. but i would really like to see a 
linux-only solution.

a question: the daily build powerpc floppies still use miboot - will this 
still be included within sarge or will they get removed / replaced ?

an idea: for woody there was patch-floppy-image.pl (attached), which is a 
simple perl script which will search and replace the boot params in the 
floppy image. couldn't we provide a similar solution for sarge ?

I tried it (with 
from september 13th), but had no luck. I used "hexedit" and found parts of 
the commandline around 00006008 - but I only found parts of it. 

Looking at boot-floppy-hfs.img from woody 
I found the complete commandline with hexedit at 00018e74 - that's why 
patch-floppy-image.pl work back in those days. 

another idea: sven, could you please daily build two (2.4/2.6) more boot 
floppies, with the extra kernel commandline parameter 
"mirror/suite=unstable" ?! That way, it would be much easier to test sid d-i 
on oldworld machines which can only boot from floppy - and where going back 
and manually downgrading the d-i priority is a very boring task as oldworld 
machines are mostly slow. would be very nice & helpful!


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