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Re: Powerbook G4 1.33 GHz CPU temperature

> I can confirm frequent lockups on GPU load (CPU load doesn't matter,
> that's handled fine by the thermostat). In case it matters: the OF device
> tree seems to indicate that the two fans aren't CPU and GPU but rather
> left and right side of the rear exhaust grille. So they need to be set to
> the same speed, I guess. At least on the Albooks.
> Does your friend also experience flicker in the console, Ben? Nothing I
> tried with radeonfb helped ...

Nope, have you hard-wired the PLL value like I do for other laptops ?

X.org has some working code to enable dynamic power management on those
new chipsets, I'll port it to radeonfb asap. That may help the temperature
issues, though it would be interesting to look in more details at what
darwin does with the GPU temperature.


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