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Re: Powerbook G4 1.33 GHz CPU temperature

> > > Wait ... you are talking about console flickering or X flickering ? If
> >
> > console - X is fine until I switch to console and back.
> Weird... It's usually the opposite... ok, now the hard one: try to
> describe precisely what you mean by "flicker" :)

A ghost image of whatever is on the screen, displaced by (roughly) 128
pixels to the left. At the refresh rate used by X, the ghost image
flickers so that you see it light up with a periodicity of around a cm
vertical, or approximately 40 pixels (that's rather harder to estimate).
The individual streaks of ghosting seem to wander down, then jump up

Funny enough, it's systematic enough to persist across a suspend to disk

If you have any ideas about which registers to look at, I'd be happy to
debug this further. With radeonfb debug messages enabled I've only seen
LVDS_GEN_CNTL show any variation between initial boot setup and later
console switches. But that doesn't show a difference between the X vt and
the console vt ...

> > Maybe time to be more specific WRT sensor and fan location in the driver.
> I accept patches :) Would be worth looking more precisely at what Darwin
> does too

Yep. At one time in the distant past I had registered for access to Darwin
source but that's lost in the noise... I'll re-pull and send a patch,
including the refrigerator support for the thermostat (for pmdisk).


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