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X keyboard problem


I helped a local school set up a Linux computer lab. The setup uses X-
terminals (netboot, NFS and all that stuff) on Debian unstable.
Everything seems to work perfectly but for one "small" problem -
changing keyboard layouts simply doesn't work. Well - in fact even the
layout specified in XF86Config-4 doesn't work and it falls back to US. I
know nothing about debugging X down at the protocol level, so I will
give you a bunch of symptoms in case somebody can help:

* if you issue a command like "setxkbmap us" you only get an error
(Error loading keyboard description)
* if you pipe the output to xkbcomp like this:
	"setxkbmap -print us | xkbcomp -"
it works...
* On the client (X server) side, xkbcomp seems to work on its own
* "xmodmap xmodmap /usr/share/xmodmap/xmodmap.ee" also works
* As the school uses the GNOME desktop, they also get a bunch of errors
from gnome-settings-daemon that tries to change the keyboard layout
according to some gconf keys. As I understand, GNOME does not use
setxkbmap and friends, but goes through it's own libxklavier library. So
basically neither most of the standard tools nor gnome-specific ones
work and after googling, RTFM-ng and banging my head against all sorts
of objects, I am getting hopeless.

I'd be very grateful if someone could help me out,

The best,


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