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Recently upgraded from 'woody' to 'sarge', problems

Hello. I recently upgraded from Debian/PPC Woody to Debian/PPC Sarge and now have a couple of problems.

First, I think I should mention that I upgrade by changing to the 'Sarge' source files in apt-get and then used apt-get dist-upgrade to perform the actual upgrade.

The upgrade went OK accept that now when I launch the xserver, Gnome starts rather than KDE and it doesn't appear to be fully installed itself. I always get an error about a missing screensaver file. Today, I install KDE using apt-get and, even though it apt-get says it is installed, I cannot seem to get it to load in place of Gnome.

I realize my descriptions are hit and miss, and welcome anyone to request further info to help in the solving of this problem. Alternatively, if what I've written sounds familiar to someone here, I would greatly appreciate all comments.

Thanks in advance.

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