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Re: airport and encryption

what are the contents of your


im sure you can get this working.

sned the contents of the file. make sure the base station
is plugged in correctly and make sure your network settings
are correct for your local network
(obviously wont be able to


Adam Done wrote:
On Fri, 2004-09-17 at 04:24, Dean Hamstead wrote:

I can't believe it. LOL.. That was sooo simple for the key.  I totally
misread the man page (oups) with the [2] at the end of the example of of
the s:password.  All this time I had not thought of the 'password' is
the password of the base station. (Hanging my head down low) lol

Now since it accepted the password and the encrytion key is displayed
with iwconfig and the settings look to be on.. I still can't ping the
network through the wireless.  It seams like I am missing something

are you using static or dhcp ?

just try 'ifup eth0'
if your using dhcp, then go
ifdown eth0
ifup eth0

to kill dhcp client and reset it nicely.

I am using static for the moment just to rull out another varable till I
get it to work

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