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Re: airport and encryption

hello adam...

* Adam Done <mlist@donestudios.com> [2004-09-17 09:19 +0200]:
> I have been setting up my wireless using apples airport.  So far I have
> been able to access the base station with an open network but when I try
> to access with a close network and 40bit encryption I am locked out.
> in the /etc/network/interfaces 
> 	wireless_essid net-name
> 	wireless_key s:password xxxxx
> but when I do restart the network interfaces I get this error
> #  /etc/init.d/networking restart
> Setting up IP spoofing protection: rp_filter.
> Reconfiguring network interfaces...Error : unrecognised wireless request
> "xxxxx"
> done.

i believe you specify the key in a wrong fashion. does

wireless_key s:xxxxx


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