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Re: oldworld G3 powerbook / cd boot

On Fri, Sep 17, 2004 at 05:43:55PM -0500, C. Thomas wrote:
> I'm trying to install debian to an oldworld style G3 powerbook 
> (lombard? wallstreet?  i'm not sure).

If it has USB but not firewire, it's a lombard. If it doesn't have
USB or firewire, then it is a wallstreet (or earlier).

> Regardless, it doesn't appear to have openfirmware so apple-c won't 
> make the debian cd boot.  So, I followed the install instructions and 
> went to grab woody's bootX binaries.

Actually, it does have openfirmware, but the debian cd is known to
only be bootable on newworld hardware. The OF version Apple included
in earlier models was lacking in many ways, and the debian CD relies
on features of the newer version.

	Brad Boyer

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