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Re: Plea for help from PowerMac Open Firmware gurus -- Testing newoldworld pmac miboot 2.6 floppies


I was busy with lots of "real life stuff", so I was away from debian-boot a 
while... I'm sorry for that ;-)

> > So I'm no longer so sure as I once was that the parameters after "boot"
> > in Open Firmware are getting passed to the kernel.  Is it possible to
> > modify the boot-parameters that are compiled into the kernel?  For
> > example, the "ofonlyboot" kernel differs from the "boot" kernel only in
> > that there is a string "video=ofonly" in the former, but not in the
> > latter.  How does that get there?  Maybe the same mechanism could be used
> > to give it the "debug" and "console=ttyS0" options...
> I have the feeling that those are set using the rsrce utility. In the d-i
> build, they are set in
> installer/build/config/powerpc/powerpc/floppy/boot-ofonly.cfg :
> KERNEL_CMDL = root=0200 load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=1 devfs=mount \
>              video=ofonly
> and for boot.cfg :
> KERNEL_CMDL = root=0200 load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=1 devfs=mount
> So, the best would be to build those floppies yourself and add these
> values.
> They are then added to miboot config with :
>                 echo device $(TEMP_BOOT).new > $(TEMP)/miboot.conf; \
>                 echo kernel $(TEMP_KERNEL).gz $(KERNEL_CMDL) >>
> $(TEMP)/miboot.conf;    \ miboot -c $(TEMP)/miboot.conf;                  \
> in installer/build/config/powerpc/powerpc/floppy.cfg

for the woody floppy there was a perl-script to set the command-line 
parameters. i'm not sure whether this script could be re-used so I've 
attached it, so you can have a look. 

Oh, and btw, I'm just installing my oldworld 4400/200 mac with d-i and the 
daily built 2.4-floppy images (with root.img and root-2.img) and it seems to 
work fine - right now. I'll keep you informed in another mail.


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