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Re: I have rpm archive from YDL; what to do in debian

On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Sebastian Henschel wrote:

> salut Marc...
> * Marc <markov@tiscali.be> [2004-09-16 09:21 +0200]:
> > How can I install a rpm archive in debian
> >
> > It s about pcmcia
> the package "alien" allows you to convert an .rpm to a .deb, but you
> need to have the package "rpm" installed, too.
> > I think it s a source rpm
> >
> > (give the right command in case it is a binary...)
> dunno, if alien can handle source RPMs, but there is an environment
> variable RPMBUILDOPT, so perhaps it is possible.

 If it can't handle srpms, they're no big deal - just a cpio archive
with tarball, patches, and the rpm build commands.  From time to time I
use `rpm2cpio' to break it down, then cpio to extract the contents so
that I can look in e.g. fedora to see what patches they're using.

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