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Re: setup needed for PowerPC assembler programming

Here's some helpful PowerPC references:

"Optimizing PowerPC Code" by Gary Kacmarcik

It's rather out of date by now, and doesn't cover today's powerpc models, but it does a real good job of teaching the assembly code, and some of what you need to make the code as efficient as possible.

The book is too old to cover AltiVec though.

"PowerPC Compiler Writer's Guide"

You can get it in PDF form at:


and in HTML form at:


"Hacker's Delight" by Henry S. Warren

This book was rather unfortunately labeled as being about computer security by the publisher, so you won't find it where you would expect it in the bookstore. It's full of little snippets of assembly that get lots of work done in as little time as possible. I haven't read it yet though.

My article "ARM Assembly Code Optimization?" at Kuro5hin, while not being about the PowerPC, nevertheless has some good followup comments by the readers on a variety of microprocessors:


As for me, what I'd like is to find a page that explains the GAS' register syntax. GAS will do some manner of automatic register asssignment for you, so it is in some sense an optimizing assembler. But I've never been able to make sense of how it works. I have read the info manual on it. It still leaves me clueless.

Besides using GAS, you can also use inline assembler in C or C++ code with gcc. That's probably the best way to get started, rather than writing entire assembly source files from scratch.


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