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RE: Multiple NICs on Umax S900

I have an Sitecom 10/100 card, it is nicely recognised under YDL3,
it seems to be the linksys chipset. (not under os 9, X not yet installed,
gives problems...)
Hardware: G3/266 beige...


>From: Paul Mullen <pem@nellump.net>

>I've tried in vain for some time now to get my old dual-proc SuperMac
>S900 to work properly with more than the OEM 10 Mb NIC installed. I've
>had relatively little difficulty with 'unstable' on this box. It
>successfully boots either 2.4 or 2.6 kernels. Networking fails in
>various ways when I install a second NIC. Usually, the installed devices
>can still be configured, but they just don't respond to any attempts to
>communicate over the network. For instance, attempting to request a DHCP
>lease fails as if there were no other hosts on the network.
>I've tried two different NICs: a 100Mb LinkSys and a gigabit
>RealTek-based model. Both exhibitied similar behaviors.
>When booted from the 2.4.25-powerpc-smp-pmac kernel, I can get the
>gigabit card to be recognized, and can configure the device, but at the
>first sign of network activity (pings from another machine, in this
>case), the SuperMac essentially locks up, spewing "too much work at
>interrupt" down the monitor.
>When booted from the 2.6.8-powerpc-smp kernel, I don't even have to have
>a second NIC installed to cause problems. I can probe in the r8169
>RealTek gigabit driver (which I don't think I *should* be able to do
>when the card isn't even installed), which immediately kills the OEM NIC
>-- it just won't configure any longer. Attempting to remove the r8169
>module freezes up the machine.
>I couldn't find any mention of this sort of problem in the archives. Any
>ideas? I'd pull the OEM card, but it also happens to include the serial
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