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installing debian on mol

does anyone has installed debian on mol ?

I've tried with Branden's instructions
(installing debian without using any physical media)
and also with the iso of woody-powerpc (not burned).

In the first case i've added these pseudofiles:
pseudofile:    "yaboot" /home/shammash/mol/firstboot/yaboot
pseudofile:    "yaboot.conf" /home/shammash/mol/firstboot/yaboot.conf
pseudofile:    "vmlinux" /home/shammash/mol/firstboot/linux.bin
pseudofile:    "root.bin" /home/shammash/mol/firstboot/root.bin

But i cannot start the kernel (yaboot says "not a valid elf image").
In the second case i've added the iso as blkdev
in "/etc/mol/molrc.linux" but mol doesn't boot from.

Hints ?


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