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ALSA Installation on a Alu Powerbook

Hi all

First: I have an Alu Powerbook 1.25MHz (released 2003-09) with Debian testing, 
a 2.6.7-powerpc-kernel and KDE 3.2

I apt-getted the packages alsa-utils, alsa-base and alsa-oss. Further I loaded 
the modules snd, soundcore, snd-powermac and for OSS compatibility 
snd-mixer-oss, snd-pcm-oss and snd-seq-oss using modconf.

I read several emails (debian-powerpc, debian-kde) about the ALSA installation 
on iBooks and Powerbooks and did a lot of internet research about this topic. 
Often the authors talk about different configuration files:

/etc/alsa/modutils/0.9 or /etc/alsa/modutils/1.0

I couldn't find any of these config files after the apt-get of alsa-utils, 
alsa-base and alsa-oss. Do I have to create these config files by hand or 
should they created automatically (alsaconf)?

In KDE Control-Center / Sound-System / Hardware I have chosen ALSA (Quality 
Standard or 16bit) and get sound pushing the Key 'Sound testen' (german KDE).
But, when I insert an audio cd and start KsCD, KsCD discover the audio cd and 
plays it, there is no sound at all.

Playing mp3 files works great (xmms, kaboodle)!

I read something that one have to enable a 'digital' mode in order to play 
audio cd's. What does this mean? How can I switch my cdrom from analog to 

kind regards, Roland

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