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Re: Radeon 7550 video cloning on IBook G3 14" [Was: Re: Radeon 9600 dual head and XF86Config on PB G4 15"]

According to ncrfgs, on Sat, 21 Aug 2004 13:58:01 +0200, 
>On Fri, Aug 20, 2004 at 10:48:52PM +0200, Cedric.Pradalier@inrialpes.fr
>wrote:> Sorry for this late response. I don?t know if it can help but
>I've put some > indications and config files on : 
>> http://mockenhaupt.homelinux.org/ibookWiki/Configuration
>As I stated before, I'm not a Debian user so i'm not able
>to use debian binary packages. I'm not an XFree86 user 
>either because I'm a Xorg user.
>Before postin my message to the debian-powerpc mailing list 
>I googled a lot and I found your page. I already knew it and 
>it is very interesting. I thought it was very debian specific.
>Do you think I will be able to use the informations reported 
>in your page, too?
>> X can see the ati M7 [ibook G3] board as two boards, one that
>useFBDev > and one that does not. Then using a ServerLayout, you can
>activate > both output but you lose DRI... Then you get either two
>displays :0.0 > and :0.1 or one continuous display with xinerama.
>Nevertheless, for > doing PDF/openoffice presentations it is often

I don't think there is anything debian specific here. Nevertheless I
don't know enough of Xorg to say if it is Xfree specific. I would be
very surprised though.

>The "ServerLayout" link point to this page 
>but the page that is displayed doesn't contain 
>any reference to any configuration.
>Is this intentional?

That's due to the fact that this WiKi interprete any word with capital
letter as a link. ServerLayout is a keyword of the XF86Config-4 file.

You should rather look at the XF86Config file.


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