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Re: PowerBook 5,4 (the latest alu): cpufreq/sound/eth1394 (was ``Re: no sound + backlit keyboard not lighting up (PowerBook G4/Sarge)'')


After having it pointed out to me, I have just read this thread.  I also
have a PB5,4 and am having sound problems.  It does give the impression
of working, but plays no sounds unless the headphone socket is used.

It doesn't seem to me that the problems are exactly the same, but I
thought I'd add to this thread as it is one of the few about this new

Also, I am using the debian 2.6.7 kernel and my cpufreq files are not
there for cpudyn/powernowd to use.  I suppose I will need to recompile,
but I thought I'd mention this as it is in the subject line.

I've never tried the ieee1394 but I don't get that error message problem
and the eth1394 module appears to be inserted on boot-up.

Hope this possibly sheds some light on the new machines.  Also I am
wondering how to get my internal sound :-).

bye just now,

Matthew T. Atkinson <matthew@agrip.org.uk>

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