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Re: PowerBook 5,4 (the latest alu): cpufreq/sound/eth1394 (was ``Re: no sound + backlit keyboard not lighting up (PowerBook G4/Sarge)'')

> After having it pointed out to me, I have just read this thread.  I also
> have a PB5,4 and am having sound problems.  It does give the impression
> of working, but plays no sounds unless the headphone socket is used.
> It doesn't seem to me that the problems are exactly the same, but I
> thought I'd add to this thread as it is one of the few about this new
> machine.
> Also, I am using the debian 2.6.7 kernel and my cpufreq files are not
> there for cpudyn/powernowd to use.  I suppose I will need to recompile,
> but I thought I'd mention this as it is in the subject line.
> I've never tried the ieee1394 but I don't get that error message problem
> and the eth1394 module appears to be inserted on boot-up.
> Hope this possibly sheds some light on the new machines.  Also I am
> wondering how to get my internal sound :-).

Wish I were that far - I still fight the radeonfb screen flicker, and the
trackpad is driving me nuts (seems to insert right mouse clicks at random
once in a while, or so X thinks). Next on my list is sleep/suspend
support. That's a PB 5,5, BTW. Need to talk to BenH about PMU support so
we can at least read the battery status from /dev/pmu...


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