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IDE enumeration problem

I have a Power MAC G4 that I added a Promise Ultra133 TX2 IDE controller
(uses the PDC20269 chipset).  I am having problems with this card getting       enumerated before the onboard IDE chipsets which isn't the way I want it.

I am using DI Release Candidate 1.  At yaboot I try the following to
circumvent the problem:

install ide=reverse (which causes a kernel oops when probing the
PCD20269 regardless of using the ide=reverse or not)

install24 ide=reverse (which doesn't enumerate the controllers any

I have also tried to use a daily snapshot of DI from mid-July (which
uses the 2.4.25 kernel) with the same results.  Any suggestions?

BTW- I will report the kernel oops as soon as I know that it isn't
something on my side.

-Nick Golder

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