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Re: current d-i cd won't boot on G3

On Tuesday, August 17, 2004, at 06:48 AM, Kilian Krause wrote:

Hi Clive,

ok, so here's how it goes:
use the BootX with the kernel from the installed system, supply the
initrd of the booted system and put a root=... as commandline arg.

That way i could boot the system just fine. Yet it seems there's no hfs
support in the d-i kernel 2.6.7... At least i couldn't mount the HFS

But at least i have some system up and running now.. ;)

Best regards,

If you use the kernel parameter (on the parameter line of BootX) "DEBCONF_PRIORITY=medium", you will see (at an early point in the install process) a list of additional drivers that can optionally be installed. One of them is for the hfs filesystem. Check that box when you have the chance. That will load the hfs filesystem module. Then, just before the reboot at the end of installation, on the "F2" console, you will be able to mount your MacOS partition and copy to it the kernel and initrd from /target/boot.

Works for me!

Good luck!


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