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Re: PPC subarches

Ross Vumbaca wrote:

Ole-Egil Hvitmyren wrote:

To clarify that, the a1bootloader isn't just using routines from GRUB, it is based around the same idea. It's a kind of GRUB for UBoot, currently only useful if you use RDB partition maps, but technically you can stuff it into an MBR as well. It isn't very useful without UBoot, though ;-)

It needs more space than an MBR offers AFAIK. Unless you suggest an RDB and MBR on the same drive, in which case I say "no way any sane person wants that" ;).

Nope, but you only need to put the first block of the bootloader within the first few (think it's 512) blocks of the drive, and it'll be found. So technically you could even put it inside a small partition at the beginning of the drive. If you know what you're doing, of course.

Beginning to make sense now?

Or at least that is what we planned, it might be that this was never implemented. If so, you only need to add one more way to scan for it from within the first stage bootloader in UBoot. If RDB, look in RDSK for pointer, if not, just scan the first 512 blocks and see if you find it. It's a very simple thing to do ;-)

In any case, that's beside the point. The POINT is that the a1bootloader IS GPL, and it's also a neat little feature. You just need a way to put it there in the first place, and make sure not to erase it from within Linux (which is where my patch to amiga-fdisk and Svens patch to libparted comes into the picture).


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