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Re: PPC subarches


Ole-Egil Hvitmyren wrote:

To clarify that, the a1bootloader isn't just using routines from GRUB, it is based around the same idea. It's a kind of GRUB for UBoot, currently only useful if you use RDB partition maps, but technically you can stuff it into an MBR as well. It isn't very useful without UBoot, though ;-)

It needs more space than an MBR offers AFAIK. Unless you suggest an RDB and MBR on the same drive, in which case I say "no way any sane person wants that" ;).

A bootloader needs to be EXECUTED (no, not as in shot :-P ) to be useful. UBoot knows how to find it and jump in, the Pegasos OF wouldn't have a clue. Use Yaboot. Of course, if you have access to the OF source and can stuff in a few bits of code from UBoot... ;-)

They already have Yaboot, if we were using OF, we kinda wouldn't have had a need for a boot loader in the first place ..

Actually it's even smarter than GRUB, because it understands both Amiga and Linux filesystems, and will merge the two menues together (afaik) so you only need to edit the OS' own menu file to update one of them. Add a Linux kernel, have Debian edit the Linux menu file. Add a new OS4 kernel, have Installer edit the AmigaOS menu file. A lot more flexible than my dual-boots on x86, at least :-)

That's right..



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