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Re: AmigaONE && Debian (unstable?)

Quoting Ross Vumbaca <amigaone@optusnet.com.au>:

> Sven Luther wrote:
> > Bah, that means that the A1 people will again do their own hack for debian
> > support probably. Ah well, i don't really care.

There will be NO 'debian only hack'! Not from me. And everything I do or receive
will (!) one way or the other end up where it (should) belong.

The only reason why the's been talk about Debian in this regard, is because
I'm a Debian GNU/Linux developer, I use Debian GNU/Linux on EVERYTHING (servers
and workstations and what not - if I dared, I'd use it on my Palm :).

It's quite natural that I'll do this as a Debian GNU/Linux project.
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