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Sarge OpenOffice (in German??)


So, I'm messing around with my newly working KDE, exploring the programs
and such, and my gf asks me if there's an office program. I said, 'Yeah!
There is. Here... I'll show it to you,' and opened the OpenOffice Writer
that I had recently downloaded from the usc mirror as part of my initial
aptitude mass-download after my daily businesscard install.

I think it was in Germsn, but you tell me.

The menubar:

"Datei Bearbeiten Ansicht Einfugen Format Extras Fenster Hilfe"

Looks to me like something got switched around unless OpenOffice is
always supposed to be in German in an english install :)

Also, just to check, since I haven't had any other experience with
installing and de-installing yet...

Would I apt-get remove openoffice
and then find a working version in english, specify it in my
sources.list and
apt-get install openoffice?



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