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Re: PowerStack DT604-100

On Thu, 22 Jul 2004 Volodymyr_Podosinov-contractor@adp.com wrote:

> Hi all,
> I got a question about Debian Linux on Motorola PowerStack DT604-100.
> It seems that the linux works for it, but it does not load the base
> system after I install it and then load off the hard drive. It calls
> some type of mistake saying it cannot load root: VFS error 08:01
> I will give you more detailed info if you will
> have problem determining the problem. I assume that even though
> PowerStack DT604 is not part of E series, because it boots
> installation off CD and installs base system, it's probably must be
> working on DT604 too... I have PPC1Bug there, 256 MB of parity RAM.
> All devices are on the SCSI II Bus (DatStrimmer, CD-ROM, HDD, Terminator at
> the end);
> I have a SCSI II Fast IBM Hard Drive there, I partioned it like this:
> sda1  Boot  PReP Boot   8.21 Mb
> sda2        Linux Swap  152.3 Mb
> sda3        Linux       2000.7 Mb

 I know nothing about this hardware, but your rootfs is on /dev/sda3 and
it's looking on sda1 (08:01).  If you are able to supply boot arguments
to it, use 'root=/dev/sda3'.

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