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Re: Apple built-in Bluetooth not appearing in /dev

> Alain,
> 	I am currently using a 2.6.5-rc3-ben0 kernel that I compiled the 
> Debian way.  I would love to try a 2.6.7, but I haven't ventured off 
> the benh kernel path.  I suppose I will finally have to learn how to 
> patch a kernel tree.  I have been procrastinating on that, but this is 
> a good motivator.

You really don't need to patch anything unless you have fancy needs (I
do :-p ). Just download and unpack the kernel from kernel.org (PPC is
now supported by kernel.org, and benh tree is almost the same AFAIK),
and then compile it as you're used to.

Really no need to worry.

Alain Perry

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