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Re: Test-DFS for PowerPC


[Sat, 05 Jun 2004] Sven Luther wrote:
> Well, you mean it only refuses to boot when you insert the disk and old
> the 'c' key ? Does yaboot show up ? I guess not, is the iso HFS blessed
> or some other magic ? 

It doesnt boot into yaboot with just "c" on my PowerBook5,2 G4 Alu
either. I have to go through OF manually. But the latest D-I netinst (tc1) boots
with "c". Who generated sarge-netinst-powerpc.iso (tc1) and how?

I copied everything from the debian-cd CVS repo. creator/owner are
mapped correctly. ofboot.b and yaboot are in /boot. mkisofs parms are

["--netatalk"; "-hfs"; "-probe"; "-part"; "-no-desktop"; "--chrp-boot";
"-map"; target ^ "/boot/hfs.map"; "-hfs-bless"; target ^ "/boot";
"-hfs-volid"; "DFS/PPC"]

Does order matter here? The --chrp-boot parameter seems to be new in
mkisofs but doesnt solve my problem.

Any hints apreciated.


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