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Re: Test-DFS for PowerPC


[Sat, 05 Jun 2004] david howe wrote:
> So far I can report that the disk fails to boot the following devices
> New World G3 Pismo Powerbook
> New World G3 Imac
> Old World 9600 ppc
> The disk appear as a valid HFS standard disk on a MacOS desktop however
> I can't provide any more info about the boot failures :(

On my Powerbook neither the Debian installer images, nor this image
boots if I press "c" during install. I have to go through
"Command-Option-o-f", that is OpenFirmware. Then I have to enter 
"boot cd:,\boot\yaboot" to get to yaboot. I have yet to see an image
that boots with "c".

[Sat, 05 Jun 2004] Sven Luther wrote:
> Well, you mean it only refuses to boot when you insert the disk and old
> the 'c' key ? Does yaboot show up ? I guess not, is the iso HFS blessed
> or some other magic ? 

/boot is hfs-blessed, ofboot.b is "UNIX/tbxi" and yaboot is "UNIX/boot".
That is sufficient AFAIK.

> Also, i doubt it will work out of the box on old world, Robert, what is
> the kernel size, and could you include a miboot image of this if it is
> small enough ? Not sure the kernel or initrd fit on a floppy though.

Could you help me with that? I neither have the hardware nor the

[Sat, 05 Jun 2004] Sven Luther wrote:
> Downloading, i will make the adaptation for pegasos until monday or
> tuesday. Not sure much need to be changed, just it should include the
> kernels with builtin initrd for chrp-rs6k and prep, i guess not much is
> needed. Well, and a link from the -chrp kernel to the -chrp-rs6k maybe.

> And, please include partimage if it is not already, it is a very usefull
> tool for backuping/restoring partitions. I plan to make a DVD-RW with
> DFS and a partimage copy of my main partitions. Maybe even an
> automated script to do the restore or such.

John already included partimage.


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