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Re: thinking about installing Debian

Hi Jim,

Welcome!  I also used to use YDL and switched to Debian.  Actually, I had been 
using Red Hat / Fedora on my x86 box for a long time and on a lark, decided 
to give Debian a try.  I was sooo happy with how well my x86 box performed, 
that I immediately made plans to replace my clunky old YDL PowerBook 
installation with DebianPPC and haven't looked back since.  Here are some 
observations I've made as a switcher:

1) I never realized just how customized Red Hat / Fedora / YDL actually are.  
A lot of "standard" Linux instructions have to be alterred for Red Hat's 
special way of doing things.  This is less often the case with Debian.

2) I was actually pretty surprised to see that both my machines were 
*significantly* faster under Debian than RH/F/YDL.

3) If you use multiple platforms, it's really neat to have things set-up 
exactly the same on both.  My Powerbook setup is identical to my x86 desktop 
and any little tricks I learn on one box can almost always be used on the 

4) Apt-get is absolutely wonderful!  Yes, I know you can use apt-get for RPM 
distros too, but I'm tellin' ya -- it just ain't the same.  Here's the 
difference, Debian maintains their own official repositories of over 14,000 
(!) packages -- and they work!  The other day I saw a new program I wanted to 
try called amarok.  So I fired up a console, typed "apt-get install amarok" 
and was happily running the program about 1 minute later.  For me, this is 
the single best thing about Debian -- no more RPM dependency hell.  
Application installation is actually *easier* than Mac or Windows.

5) Now for the bad news.  Debian's a bit of a pain in the ass to install.  The 
new beta installer ( http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/ ) makes 
things a bit easier, but you'll still have to tinker with things and use the 
mailing lists, etc to get things going.  But once you get it set-up, get X 
working, get your sound, network, etc. all up and running, you'll have a 
lean, mean, and FREE (http://www.debian.org/social_contract.html) Linux 

Good luck!  And let us know if we can help with anything ;-)


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