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Re: thinking about installing Debian

On Monday 31 May 2004 2127, somebody named Jim Ricken inscribed this 
> Hello everyone!
> I am brand new to your list
> I was thinking about installing Debian on My Mac 8600 that has been
> upgraded with a sonnet G4 400 mhz proc card.
> As of the moment I am using Yellowdoglinux 3.0 which is ok.
> But I wanted to try debian and see how it would run on my Mac.
> Would it be better than what I am using right now or should I stick to
> what I have got?

Depends.  Given that YDL discontinues support, maybe better.  See below.

> I know that here in about the middle of June, Yellowdog is going to come
> out with their latest version of their software YDL 4.0 and they are
> going to leave the oldworld computer people high and dry.

In which case, you should be fine with Debian.  I'm currently running a 
home server/router here on a pmac 7600 with a Sonnet G3 450, and I don't 
think oldworld support its going anywhere anytime soon.  

Now I'm curious, though - how is YDL discontinuing support?  Cause 
driver-level stuff is in the official kernel source tree...  Just 
wondering, if you know. :^)

Also, there was a thread a couple weeks ago 
(http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2004/05/msg00181.html) on why some 
of us like debian, I won't reiterate it all for you here.   Hope this 

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