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Graphics on Tibook???

Hello all,

I've gone through a couple of Debian installations on mt 1GHZ Powerbook by now,
and have gotten nearly everything running. My only qualm is that I've noticed
that after this reinstall, my graphics seem to be slightly slower. I notice it
mainly when running tuxracer or gltron (both awesome games, might I add!). The
game animation seems to be choppy or sticky, even without other processes
running. my glxgears is showing 2304 FPS right now. Is this normal. This
powerbook is fully loaded, and I want to squeeze every bit of performance out of
it that I can. In addition, I've been toying around with 3ddesktop every so
often, something I've noticed is that when I've been using it, and then shut
down the daemon, all of gl seems to crash! Anyone know anything about this?

Derek Otto

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