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Re: 802.11g on an ibook?

Quoth Rob Latham <rob@terizla.org>:
> On Tue, May 18, 2004 at 05:18:44PM +0100, Lee Braiden wrote:
>> I'm hoping to make my ibook2/500 do 802.11g.  Do any of you know a card 
>> that will work well?  Someone mentioned usb wireless on IRC, and that's 
>> a possibility, but I'd prefer an internal option, if it will work :)
> I had good luck with the usb DWL-122 from D-Link.  It's pretty
> unstable under os x, but it's rock solid under linux.

The DWL-122 does just 802.11b AFAIK.

I've been looking for ways to get WLAN working under Linux on my iBook
G4, since Airport Extreme isn't supported an USB stick seems to be the
best solution. But I haven't found much information on how well USB WLAN
sticks work with Linux, especially with 2.6 kernels. It seems that
linux-wlan-ng provides some drivers, but I'm not sure that it will work
with 2.6, since all HOWTOs dealing with USB WLAN refer only to 2.4
kernels. Is there someone who uses an USW WLAN stick with 2.6?

Bye, Michael

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