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debian on a pegasos2 for measurement apps with DAQ cards

hi all,

I would like to use Debian and Comedi on a pegasos2 together with DAQ
devices for measurement and control applikations. 
I don't have a pegasos2 yet -- that's the reason for my somewhat off-topic

* Does the pegasos2 offer unique IRQs the each PCI device at least for
those in the expansion slots?
 After some experiences with a Comedi supported DAQ card in a IA-32-PC the
unique IRQ for the DAQ card is really necessary. The IRQ sharing causes too
much trouble.

* Does the pegasos2 has its own partition scheme for hard disk drives? Is
the machine able to work with Macintosh partition tables (of course
with a linux kernel which supports those)?
* Which bootloader will be needed for a pegasos2?
 For the installation process I want to prepare (on my debian driven
NewWorld PowerMac) an disk image or some kind of backup archive with all
the packages in place I need for the pegasos. And I want to create the
partitions with mac-fdisk and filesystems on the disk for the pegasos while
this disk is mounted in a firwire-case and connected to the PowerMac.
I'm thinking of this procedure due to the fact I have to setup several more
or less *identical* machines.

Thank you for any hints

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