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Re: PBButtonsd gatwick IRQ

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

Oh and, with the info of "eth0" i tried "ifdown eth0" and then putting it to sleep and it worked perfectly.

Ok, it's ohare II then. The sleep code for it may not work properly...

I'll have a look. Works here on paul's old 3400 though I'm not sure
it has this infamous cascade (not all 3400's are created equal :)


COuld this possibly have to do with the fact that Im running the stock kernel off the Sarge netinst disk? Would upgrading to 2.6.6 affect this at all or does kernel version have no correlation with my problem?

If I need to upgrade to a newer kernel, will the stock kernel-image-2.6.6-powerpc work with ext3 out ofthe box? The i386 version doesnt.

Thanks again,

Zach Weinberg

P.S.: I'm really amazed by the level of quality provided by the developer's on this list. You guys are really doing an incredible job not only on your coding but also on making sure that everything works for everyone.

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