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Re: PowerBook 5,4 (the latest alu): cpufreq/sound/eth1394

sorry, but the list somehow does not like my attachments. you can
download the tarball from

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Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 10:02:29 +0200
From: Sebastian Henschel <debian@kodeaffe.de>
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Subject: Re: PowerBook 5,4 (the latest alu): cpufreq/sound/eth1394
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hello ben...

* Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org> [2004-05-24 09:09 +0200]:


> > first, i thought: no problem, just pretend 5,4 to be like 5,2, but that
> > did not work out. i modified pmac_feature.c at two places so far:
> > - line 2120ff to add an entry for 5,4
> > - line 2624 to trigger the "bump clock speed hack"
> I should add a FAT BOLD warning, it's dangerous to play blind games
> with the clock chip. perdiod.

ok, i just thought that a younger sister of the same generation of
powerbooks should behave similar to the older sister.

> I'll have to find out the proper values
> for this model, you can help by sending me a tarball of
> /proc/device-tree


> > SOUND:
> > for "snapper". so far, i found out, that this function is located in
> > arch/ppc/syslib/prom.c. what is responsible for filling the property
> > "compatible"? looking back at my cpufreq problem, do you think
> > that the parsing of the openfirmware device tree somewhat fails or
> > misbehaves? i feel like one important item has changed unexpectedly in the OF
> > and subsequent property calls result in failures. i attached the file
> > tree of /proc/device-tree if that could be useful.

> Or maybe you simply have a new sound chip which isn't "snapper" ? 

of course, that is possible. but why should apple replace the sound chip
within the same generation? nevertheless, it seems quite compatible to
snapper. i suggest you will see that in the devices-tree?

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