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Re: PowerBook 5,4 (the latest alu): cpufreq/sound/eth1394

> first, i thought: no problem, just pretend 5,4 to be like 5,2, but that
> did not work out. i modified pmac_feature.c at two places so far:
> - line 2120ff to add an entry for 5,4
> - line 2624 to trigger the "bump clock speed hack"


I should add a FAT BOLD warning, it's dangerous to play blind games
with the clock chip. perdiod. I'll have to find out the proper values
for this model, you can help by sending me a tarball of

> but after enabling DEBUG_FEATURE as well, i saw problems in
> pmac_low_i2c.c:kw_handle_interrupt when rebooting:
> PowerMac motherboard: PowerBook G4 15"
> Trying to bump clock speed for PID: c02112aad...
> KW: KW: NAK on address
> KW: wrong state. Got KW_I2C_IRQ_ADDR, state: state_stop (isr: 6)
> read result: 4,<6>Found UniNorth
> and the code breaks out of the loop at pmac_feature.c:2665, because rc != 0.
> apart from the bumping, the cpufreq driver does not start as well. i
> wonder if this has something to do with the i2c error above. which
> branch would be the right one in pmac_cpufreq.c:pmac_cpufreq_setup
> anyway? i assume 5,4 is compatible to MacRISC3, but did not debug any
> further, because i do not understand how to "make init/main.c non-init
> before enabling DEBUG_FREQ".
> when trying the old dmasound module i get this when loading:
> FATAL: Error inserting dmasound_pmac (/lib/modules/2.6.6/kernel/sound/dmasound_pmac.ko): No such device
> dmasound_pmac: couldn't find a Codec we can handle
> ALSA can be loaded, but is mute.
> - trying to play an .au file gives "aplay: set_params:880: Unable to
>   install hw params: ..."
> - .wav and .mp3 play fine, but i cannot hear a thing.
> - the alsamixer shows card/chip to be "PowerMac AWACS", although it is
>   "PowerMac Snapper" on my 5,2. there are also fewer items to control:
>   only master, headphone detection, mic boost, pc speak, auto-mute;
>   plus passive items: cd, line, mic. On my 5,2 i can control:
>   master, headphone, headphone detection, bass, treble, pcm, pcm1, pc
>   speak, auto-mute, drc, drc rang, monitor mix.
> ETH1394
> not really a concern, but irritating. i have to blacklist that module,
> because it is printing this error message on the console all the time:
> ip1394: eth1: Could not allocate isochronous receive context for the
> broadcast channel
> on my 5,2 i only get this message once.
> well, hopefully someone can shed some light on these.
> thanks in advance,
> sebastian
Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org>

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