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Re: New IBook, some trouble

On Sat, May 22, 2004 at 11:16:56PM +0200, Gunnar Stahl wrote:
> Hi,

> Only problem here is that the console-screen during the init-stages (before
> X comes up) still flickers a little bit. It somehow reminds me of seeing a
> video on "ascii arts". Even sound is working properly.

I do not have the problem here. The sound is somehow working but i do not get
it, since loading alsa gives me an error, but hei, it works (i can listen to
mp3, but watching videos is somwhow a pain because of syncing problems).

> So the main issue which currently prevents me from using linux instead
> of OS X is the fact that I cannot put the machine to sleep. And this is
> annoying. I've added the necessary apt-lines to get the pbbutton stuff
> working, but this helps only a little bit.

> Although I think I've read all the available docs, I can't figure out 
> what to do. Maybe someone can help?

Sleep is not going to work in a near future, since ATI has not provided the
needed information to switch off and back on the graphic card. sleep-to-disk
is somehow working with a patch sent to this list (read and find some success
stories, although i have not tried it).

Here is the same: sleep does not work. But hei, i have the full 5.5 hours of
battery, so i put the screen to level 0 with fblevel and close it. laptopmode
introduced in 2.6.6 might help to save more battery.


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