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New IBook, some trouble

three weeks ago I've bought the recently released new IBook
(12", 1GHz. 768MB Ram, ATI Radeom M9+). After installing both OS X
(10.3) and Debian ("testing") it took me a couple of sleepless nights and reading ton's of documentation to get it running under linux.
Main problem was getting the framebuffer working in the early boot
stages, before X comes up.
I've read a couple of docs, added some apt-lines for the dri-trunk-xserver-stuff, did some kernel compiles with fb directly compiled into the kernel, tried a dozen of kernel params and
so on. Finally I've found out that everything works best with the plain
vanilla ppc-kernels from the standard apt servers. 2.6.5-powerpc and 2.6.6-powerpc work fine.
X starts up without trouble and I've even got dri running (which
is confirmed by blender, which crashes the X server when dri is not
running). Only problem here is that the console-screen during the
init-stages (before X comes up) still flickers a little bit. It somehow
reminds me of seeing a video on "ascii arts". Even sound is working
So the main issue which currently prevents me from using linux instead
of OS X is the fact that I cannot put the machine to sleep. And this is
annoying. I've added the necessary apt-lines to get the pbbutton stuff
working, but this helps only a little bit.
What works are the special functions for dimming the screen (F1/F2), for
sound (F3/F4/F5) and I can even see the (sort-of) "popup" windows on X
when using these special keys.
When I push the powerbutton to put the machine to sleep, the screen
turns black. But the harddisk is still spinnig. The light at the front
of the ibook which indicates the sleep mode does _not_ turn on and of,
like it is doing under OS X.
Although I think I've read all the available docs, I can't figure out what to do. Maybe someone can help?

Thanks in advance!


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