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Re: ALSA on TiBook IV spitting out garbage?

Ok, so I compiled a kernel with all the ALSA stuff enabled as a module, and I can get the mixers to work and the computer DOES play sound... it just plays garbage (kinda like a heartbeat monitor with ALOT of static).

Anyways... I'm fed up with monkeying with it, and figured I should ask the experts (that's you).

I ran alsaconf and it set it up and all that good stuff (installed alsa-utils and alsa-base via apt-get, unstable.  Kernel is 2.6.6 with alsa compiled in).

Same problem here with my iBook 2.3, the alsa-base package has changed a lot (see the NEWS.debian.gz) and now alsaconf won't configure my sound card properly... If anyone can explain the new behavior to me, that'd be great.

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