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Re: Linux vs Mac OS 10.3(Panther)

>> Also, the realplayer 8 is distributed for most ppc linux
>architecture.> It does not work as a plugin,  [ .... ]
>Not being sure what exactly you mean with plugin: But I have this in
>Mozilla preferences --> Helper Applications:
>MIME Type: audio/x-pn-realaudio
>Extension: ram ra rm
>I set this stuff up some time ago, so I forgot what I did exactly to
>get realplayer working inside Mozilla.

I mean plugin in the html tag sense, not MIME type. 

>Oh, I just saw this in the ~/.mozilla/plugins folder here: 
>-- is the latter the realplayer plugin? ... Sorry, but it must be
>months ago I was setting up all this ... :)

Yes it is.

Apparently, there is some conflicts linked to the version of gcc used to
compile one or the other. It exists some workaround (see mozilla web
page) but I could not make them work with firefox, even if
mplayer-plugin works.


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