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Re: Linux vs Mac OS 10.3(Panther)

On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 18:57, Isidoro Reyes wrote:
> Hi guys.
> I am thinking about buying a new Powerbook. And i'm wondering about the 
> performance on linux. I mean, i'm not a linux begginer, i've been using linux 
> for serveral years, so i don't mind to spend mi time checking or compiling a 
> new kernel.
> I just need some good reasons to change to mac.


less heat
longer battery life
less noise
better display quality
security-by-obscurity (ppc CPU)


forget about streaming video and flash
Mac firmware is an incomprehensible mess
you can't run valgrind
most CD-player apps won't work
many audio apps won't work
graphics setup is right out of 1994

If you really wanted performance, you'd be getting a
desktop system. Go for an Opteron or Athlon64-FX with
doubled-up memory modules or a Mac G5. Linus is using
a Mac G5 now.

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