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Re: X problem on ibook G4

Selon Colin LEROY <colin@colino.net>:

> > I'm sorry about this new thread, I saw there are already a lots of
> discutions on
> > this subject but none of them solve my problem : I really can't make X
> working
> > on my new iBook G4 !(PowerPC G4 1.2, Radeon M9+, debian sid)
> >
> > I use debian kernel 2.6.5 patched with debian powerpc patches.
> the newest iBook G4 (identified as Powerbook6,5 in /proc/cpuinfo) have
> radeon-related fixes in kernel 2.6.6. The same symptoms appeared with the
> first generation iBook G4, and the fix seems to be the same for both.
> Try kernel 2.6.6 (and UseFBDev in XF86Config).
> -- 
> Colin

same troubles with 2.6.6. I tried the patch from Benjamin Herrenschmidt 
(http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2004/05/msg00221.html) but build failed 
(NB_TOM & GRPH2_BUFFER_CNTL are unknown). 


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