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Re: X support on 2004 ibook (radeon 9200)

Just thought i'd add my two cents in.  I've been
having the exact same problem (same new 2004 ibook),
when I start X I get blinking horizontal lines and
then when I try and kill the xserver the whole ibook
locks up.

I'm using vanilla 2.6.6 kernel confiuged according to
instructions in:

One thing I have noticed though, a couple times I
haven't configured my krenel properly to allow for
radeonfb to work..consequently when I booted up the
screen faded to black almost immediately.  I noticed
that the computer was still booting so I waiting for
the hd activity to stop then I logged in blindly and
loaded up X.  After a couple seconds, I could very
faintly see KDE starting, the spaslsh screen followed
by the default desktop.  Don't knwo if this helps, but
I figure it points to the problem being with the



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